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Teacher Health: Making Weight Loss Easy

Teachers are under an enormous amount of stress. Between work, grading, and navigating personal responsibilities at home, educators have little energy or time left to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors. The number one thing an LEA can do to ensure student success is to make sure teachers are healthy and happy. In short, what is best for teachers IS best for students.

It is important to understand that the path to fitness is not the same for every person. Healthy lifestyle behaviors should be "differentiated" based on individual needs. Body type and metabolism matter. Endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph metabolisms require different approaches. The infographic in this article focuses on the body type that experiences the most difficult time losing weight: The Endomorph. Exercise science research has revealed the characteristics, nutrition and exercise guidelines most effective helping the endomorph achieve health and fitness related goals. These guidelines are presented here to help you be healthy, get fit, and live better!

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