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Diet and Exercise - I Don't Want to Live Like That!

The goal of Best For Teachers is to make teaching easier by providing science, health and PE, RTI, academic intervention, literacy, and school health resources. I firmly believe that a happy, healthy teacher is a better teacher. But, staying healthy and happy is a big challenge for teachers. Educators have a busy lifestyle. The end of each work day leaves you feeling exhausted and stressed. Health experts advise proper nutrition and exercise to ward off lifestyle related diseases. However, the average educator, already overloaded with work will probably respond to this advice with comments such as: I am too tired to exercise and I don't have time to diet. Besides, I don’t want to live like that! As an educator, school wellness advocate, and personal trainer, I’ve heard these statements and others like it many times. It is a frequent response from those that face the need to lose weight or exercise, whether it be for physical attractiveness or health concerns, from the morbidly obese to those that have been instructed by their physicians

to “get in better shape”. It is as if the words exercise and diet have come to represent the loss everything good in life.

It is no wonder in light of popular weight loss television shows that force participants to severely restrict what they eat while performing grueling and lengthy exercise sessions. What a shame that in a time when science has revealed how simple weight management can be that the mainstream media could so misrepresent the road to health so poorly. Most importantly, that it would cause so many viewers to form an unrealistic view of living a healthy lifestyle.

Ironically, this boot camp-just do it approach does not work long term. The motivations to enact healthy lifestyle behaviors is outweighed by the physiological addictions developed to cope with the stressors of daily life. Survival is a powerful drive. No weight management program will work unless the lifestyle behaviors an individual adopts are enjoyable and something they are happy doing the rest of their life.

The truth is that people want to feel good and eat healthy meals. Staying physically active and eating well are actually easy, if you are willing to make the decision to live better by making a few simple changes. Pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs are okay! BUT… you must CHOOSE healthy versions of these foods. To make it easy, follow a ready-made nutrition plan complete with a grocery list to save time, energy, and stress. Start your fitness journey with an easy to follow exercise program that begins with walking and stress reducing stretches.

No, you don’t have to live like that! Even if you have tried before, you can be healthy, get fit, and live better. Choosing the right science-based exercise and nutrition programs that you can maintain and enjoy is key to living a happy, healthy life.

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